We are MatterScale.

Society is facing unprecedented and exponential change. The legacy industries and business models of market leaders are being disrupted every day. Worldwide, millions of people traditionally left behind demand and are willing to pay for high quality, accessible and affordable services. We firmly believe this global transformation represents a massive opportunity that can be leveraged with venture capital.

Our Offices

A big playground.

Our Managing Partners

A team built around serendipity, experience, and
shared values.

Adriana Suarez


Former managing director of Endeavor Colombia with experience in investment promotion, angel investing (8 deals), sourcing and coaching top entrepreneurs.

Antonio Lück


Former managing director of Endeavor Detroit with experience managing $140M AUM in startup investments for the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, and sourcing and coaching top entrepreneurs.

Fernando Fabre

Mexico City

Former president of Endeavor Global and director at Endeavor Catalyst ($120m AUM). Cofounder Collective Academy. Adjunct Professor of Scaling Up at Columbia University, sourcing and coaching top entrepreneurs.

Roberto Charvel

San Francisco

Former GP and managing partner with expertise managing 300+ transactions and $2.5b AUM in PE, real estate and venture funds (Prudential Investment, O’Connor Capital Partners, Vander CapitalPartners).

Our Venture Partners

An extraordinary and diverse group of experts.

Albert Douer

Executive Chairman @

Alex Torrenegra

Torre & Voicebunny

Guillermo Jaime

Founder, CEO @
Grupo MIA

Jason Wenk

Founder @
Formulfolios & Altruist

Joanna Rees

Managing Partner @
West Ventures

Joe Hessling

365 Retail Markets

Maria Ariza


Nate Lowery

LexTM3 Energy

Paulo Veras

99 Taxis

Pilar Aguilar

Board Member @
Zurich & Hanos

Santiago Ribadeneira

MD @
Endeavor Ecuador

Sebastian Ruales

New Business Development @

Sergio del Valle


Steve Jbara

MD @
Long Peaks Capital