A global venture capital fund targeting industries that matter and companies that scale.

MatterScale is a new, global VC based out of Colombia, Mexico, and the U.S., investing in transformative entrepreneurs in historically overlooked markets and underserved global cities.


We aim to primarily invest in A rounds with the ability to follow on.

Invest in early rounds and work closely with our portfolio companies.
We want to invest early on, help entrepreneurs stay focused, and double-down as their companies scale.
Hold reserves for follow-on rounds to support companies as they scale.
Investing in early rounds alone is not enough. The most fruitful outcomes tend to happen with at least 1 follow-on.

The reinvention of services to the majority is a multi-trillion dollar opportunity.


We like tech-driven firms with a multi-billion dollar market (SAM), with short sales cycle, and recurring revenue streams reinventing the service industries..

Overlooked markets

with high demand for quality and affordable services

Early & growth-stage

companies with a serviceable addressable market > $1 billion.


Primarily in large and underserved global cities and emerging markets.


We invest in industries that matter, companies that scale, and want to meet transformative entrepreneurs who are...

...reinventing services for the majority.
...working on an innovation that offers high quality and affordability to the majority.
....disrupting a multi-billion dollar industry where incumbents have  slowly extracted all the value.
...with a clear business model that can scale significantly with capital investments.

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